PPCS Trip and Event Schedule

Please contact the trip coordinator at least two days before the trip.
Please review the Participant's Responsibilities, Dos and Don'ts, Reading a River, Survival Tips and the Liability Waiver.
If you would like to lead a trip that isn't listed here, contact, contact me and I'll add your trip to the list.

Trip Coordinators: Check your trip description listed here to make sure it is accurate. If any changes need to be done, contact me and I'll make the change.

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Trip description/notes:

Dates River/Event Section Class Notes TC TC Phone TC email
Saturday, February 28thWinter HikeTBDSuzanne Cole933-4025email
Saturday, March 14TC's choiceII"We will post on the list serve if conditions are favorable."Dave Lanman, Carolyn Welch462-6039, 725-8178email
Saturday, March 21Probably SheepscotWhitefield to HeadtideIIDave Lanman, Dave Duggan462-6039email
Sunday, March 22Probably SheepscotWhitefield to HeadtideIICarolyn Welch, Dave Duggan725-8178, 596-5529email
Saturday, March 28Probably OssipeeKezar to CornishIIDave Butler, Dave Lanman892-3121, 462-6039email
Sunday, March 29Probably St. GeorgeSearsmont to N. AppletonIICarolyn Welch, Skip Pendelton725-8178, 338-4427email
Saturday, April 4Probably SheepscotWhitefield to HeadtideIIDave Lanman, Carolyn Welch462-6039, 725-8178email
Sunday, April 5 (Easter)Probably St. GeorgeSearsmont to N. AppletonIISkip Pendelton, Carolyn Welch338-4427, 725-8178email
Saturday, April 11Probably Carrabassett or SandyMiddle and/or Lower, or Phillips to StrongII/ IIICarolyn Welch, Ken Severy725-8178, 837-3844email
Sunday, April 12Probably Middle SacoBartlett to Humphrey's LedgeIICONTACT DAVE LANMAN TO SIGN UP: dlanman3@gmail.com although it is Tom Sawyer's trip.Tom Sawyer, Tom Meredith(207) 462-6039email
Saturday, April 18TC's Choice, NH RiversIII-IVRyan Galway650-0978email
Sunday, April 19TC's choiceIICarolyn Welch, Dave Lanman725-8178, 462-6039email
Monday, April 20 (Patriot's Day)TC's choiceIICarolyn Welch725-8178email
Saturday, April 25Probably OssipeeKezar to CornishII ""Joint trip with MOAC""Dave Lanman, Bob Radowicz462-6039, 653-9315email
Sunday, April 26TC's choiceWhatever may still be runnableII""Carolyn Welch, Dave Butler725-8178, 892-3121email
Saturday, May 2Whatever may still be runnableII""Dave Lanman, Carolyn Welch462-6039, 725-8178email