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Trip description/notes:

Dates River/Event Section Class Notes TC TC Phone TC email
Saturday, April 19Webb River/Maine SwiftII-IIIThis is the western Maine equivalent to the Sou, just have to wait a week or two. The Webb has a good variety of whitewater and the swift has a perfect little gorge to run with challenging drops.Doug Field784-4258email
Sunday, April 20 (Easter)TC's Choice, probably CarrabassettMiddle and/or LowerIINote change to CarrabassettCarolyn Welch, Ken Severy725-8178, 837-3844 email
Monday, April 21 (Patriots Day)TC's Choice, Carrabassett AreaIII-IVBrent Elwell592-7925email
Monday, April 21 (Patriots Day)TC's ChoiceIICarolyn Welch725-8178email
Thurs-Sun. April 24-27Mooseleuk Str. And Upper W. Br. Mattawamkeag R.II-III+Would prefer to do both while in the area, but could be talked into just the W. Br. Over the weekend. Not a lot of info on it; could be some carries but will be a day trip with no gear. DeLorme shows 3 falls/sluice and a neat drop right in Island Falls that Brent and I scouted last spring. I think this could be a real treat; the only way to know is to go! Please call a week before the usual Wednesday deadline; otherwise, I will be making my own plans.Doug Field784-4258email
Saturday, April 26Kennebago RiverIII+A PPCS exclusive, this river is behind locked gates, remote and beautiful, has long stretches of whitewater, 3 miles of Class II, lunch, the 3 miles of Class III. Need to read it on the fly. High water bumps it up to Class IV.Morril Nason577-9264email
Saturday, April 26TC's Choice, probably OssipeeKezar to CornishIIJoint trip with MOACDave Lanman, Carolyn Welch462-6039, 725-8178email
Sunday, April 27Probably Middle SacoBartlett to Humphrey's LedgeIIContact Dave for sign up.Dave Lanman, Tom Meredith207-462-6039email
Saturday, May 3TC's ChoiceIII-IVWestern ME/NH riversBrent Elwell592-7925email
Saturday, May 3 through Monday, May 5S. Br. Penobscot River above C.F. LakeII+Will put in near Route 201 above Jackman and paddle down to Canada Falls Lake with time to explore lake (one day on river). Take out will bring us back to Rt 201. Will not be doing the Cl IV section or going into N. Maine Woods checkpoint for this trip. Will run river without gear and camp on lake. Come for 1, 2, or all 3 days. Please call a week before the usual Wednesday deadline; otherwise, I will be making my own plans.Doug Field784-4258email
Saturday, May 3E. Branch UnionIIAt least one canoeing books says, 'the E. Branch is half the size of the W. Branch, twice as much fun, and three times as pretty.' An intimate little stream with a mile of flatwaterat the beginning and end of the run. River level and road access unpredictable; call to confirm.Helen Hess288-9510email
Sunday, May 425 Mile Stream to Sebasticook StreamI-IIPleasant paddle with fiddleheads a possibilityPaul Faria487-6122 or 660-5102 email
Sunday, May 4TC's ChoiceIII-IVWestern ME/NH riversBrent Elwell592-7925email
Sat-Sun May 10-11TC's ChoiceII-IIIIf I'm not in Canada, will paddle something at least one day!Doug Field784-4258email
Saturday, May 17TC's Choice, NH RiversIII-IVKen Gordon784-2745email
Sunday, May 1825 Mile Stream to Sebasticook StreamI-IIAllan Fuller453-2229email
Sat-Monday (Memorial Day Weekend)Canoe CampingAndroscoggin, Penobscot, or Kennebec RiversI-IIPlease call a week before the usual Wednesday deadline. Otherwise, I will be making my own plans.Doug Field784-4258email
Sunday, May 25Dead River at 5500 cfsIVTC neededTC neededemail
Saturday, May 31Dead River at 5000 cfsIVGary and Suzanne Cole933-4025email
Saturday, June 7Penobscot RPassadumkeag to Indian IslandIAllan Fuller453-2229email
Saturday, June 7Dead River at 3500 cfsIII-IVTom and Patti Rutka284-6777email
Sunday, June 8Dead River at 2400 cfsIII+Not really entry level, but a lot of funKenny DeCoster985-2144email
Sat-Sun May 14-15Roll DamsSeboomookIIIThe 'Roll Dams' (sometimes called Seboomook) section of the West Branch of the Penobscot is a favorite PPCS paddling and camping destination. Beginning just below Seboomook Lake, this section is one of the best places for intermediate paddlers to improve their paddling skills. Barely two miles long, it is commonly run twice in a day. Sculpted, river-wide ledges create short, dramatic drops with rescue pools below and plenty of great play spots.Ryan Galway522-0259email
Saturday, June 14Sea Kayak TC's ChoiceoceanRon Chase725-4342email
Saturday, June 21Dead River at 1800 cfsIIIThis can be a good entry level even though things happen fastser than at 1300 cfs. You have fewer rocks to deal with.Brent Elwell592-7925email
Sunday, June 22Kennebec River 2400 cfs releaseIII+1-3 p.m. Still in the gorge and you should have a good roll.Brent Elwell592-7925email
Sunday, June 22Dead River at 1300 cfsIIIThis is the entry level, but not to be taken lightly. It is still a very long day on the river and a lot of work to get down.Jim Francoeur712-0925email
Sunday, June 29Royal River Flatwaterflat-INever done it. Lots of bird life.Doug Field784-4258email
Friday-Sunday, July 4-6Roll Dams, Canada FallsIII-IVSee June 14-15 for Roll Dams description. Canada Falls is the S. Branch Penobscot from Canada Falls Dam to the union with the N. Branch Penobscot. It is an outstanding scenic and challenging run, mostly Class IV, with mini gorges and waterfalls/slides.Peter Brown(506) 466-2469email
Saturday, July 5Dead River at 1800 cfsGood entry level even though things happen faster than at 1300 cfs.IIITC neededemail
Sunday, July 6Dead River at 1300 cfsGood entry level.IIITC neededemail
Monday, July 7-Friday, July 11Moosehead Lake60 miles +. Start at Northwest Carry and head south toward Kineo Mt (will hike) IIIDoug Field784-4258email
Saturday, July 12Magalloway River 1200 cfsIII+Located on the ME/NH border. A short run with nice rapids and play spots. Very short shuttle allows for multiple runs.Brent Elwell592-7925email
Saturday, July 12East Outlet Kennebec RiverII+A short run from Mooshehead lake to Indian Pond. Alternating fast current with rapids, with plenty of rocks, eddies, and other river features for you to practice your boat hadling skills and surfing. It's wide open and forgiving for novices.Paul Faria487-6122 or 660-5102 email
Sunday, July 13Hike Low Aziscohos Mt.Brent Elwell592-7925email
Friday, July 18Swift Water Rescue on the KennebecLower KennebecKick off the Summer Picnic weekend with this one day class taught by the ACA-certified staff of Northeast Whitewater. Includes a raft trip through the Kennebec Gorge to the site of drills on rope throwing, swimming, boat recovery, wading, and more. Participation limited to 10 people, with preference given to first-timers. Your slot will be reserved when you pre-pay the $65 cost of the class.Kyle Duckworth288-5763email
Saturday, July 19Kennebec Rivrer Gorge 2400 cfsTC needed - check PPCS website for more informationIII+email
Saturday, July 19Committee of Cooks MeetingAfter Saturday's paddle, 4:30. Followed by potluck supper and campfire at Webb'semail
Saturday, July 19Kennebec River Gorge 4800 cfsTC needed - check PPCS website for more informationIVemail
Saturday, July 19Kennebec River, Forks to CaratunkI9 milesAllan Fuller453-2229email
Saturday, July 19Moxie Pond-Indian Pond-Wyman LakeTC needed - check PPCS website for more informationFlatwateremail
Saturday, July 19Dead River at 2400 cfsIII+Tom and Patti Rutka284-6777email
Sunday, July 20Dead River at 1800 cfsGood entry level even though things happen faster than at 1300 cfs.IIITC neededemail
Sunday, July 20Kennebec Gorge at low water ('fish flow')At 300 cfs, the Gorge is a technical pool-drop run that is withing the capabilitIIIDoug Field784-4258email
Sunday, July 20Kennebec River Gorge 4800 cfsBig wave trains and wicked eddy lines, and once you put in very difficult to getIVRon Chase725-4342email
Sunday, July 26-27Roll DamsIIISee July 4Doug Field784-4258email
Saturday, August 2Charles River, Boston, MASoldier Field to Boston HarborIWill paddle from Soldier Field down to Boston Harbor thru the locks to Mystic River Bridge. Will pass the USS Constitution. Aprrox. 6 mile trip, about 3 hours. River is much cleaner since the Standells made it famous in the '60's with their song 'Dirty Water' outside of Boston. Free parking on both ends and this is not Allan's first time. Start time will be after noon for far away travelers. Sunday would be a rain alternate.Allan Fuller453-2229email
Sunday, Aug 3West Branch PenobscotIII-IVPaddling in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin. The river is accessible by road along its length, so some folks may skip the hard parts and make a Class II-III run of it. Rip Gorge is absolutely one of the most scenic and difficult runs in Maine and the rest of the river is not too shabby either!Greg Winston505-1922email
Saturday, Aug 9Dead River at 2400 cfsIII+TC neededemail
Sunday, Aug 10Dead River at 1800 cfsIIITC neededemail
Friday-Sunday, August 15-17Stonington Islands Canoe Camping oceanSheltered paddling among beautiful coastal islandsAllan Fuller453-2229email
Saturday, Aug 16Dead River at 1800 cfsIIIThis can be a good entry level even though things happen fastser than at 1300 cfs. You have fewer rocks to deal with.John Brower397-4815email
Sat-Sun Aug 23Roll DamsIIISee June 14Doug Field784-4258email
Saturday, Aug 23Magalloway River 1200 cfsIII+Located on the ME/NH border. A short run with nice rapids and play spots. Very short shuttle allows for multiple runs.TC neededemail
Sunday Aug 24Magalloway River 1200 cfsIII+Located on the ME/NH border. A short run with nice rapids and play spots. Very short shuttle allows for multiple runs.Brent Elwell592-7925email
Thurs-Mon Aug 28-Sept 1Upstate NY areaIII-IVWill start with Husson R. Thurs on way up, Black R. Friday, Beaver R. releases the Mosher and Taylor sections the last 3 days. Anyone who wants the Class V Eagle section Ryan will take pics.Ryan Galway, Jean Miller52-0259, (860) 390-8360email
Sat-Mon Aug 30-Sept 1 (Labor Day Weekend)Canoe CampingI-IIAndroscoggin, Penobscot, or Kennebec RiversDoug Field784-4258email
Sunday Aug 31Dead River at 5500 cfsIVTC neededemail
Sat-Sun Sept. 6-7Roll DamsIIIHelen Hess288-9510email
Sat Sept 13Dead River at 3500 cfsIVGary and Suzanne Cole933-4025email
Fri-Mon Sept 13-15West Branch Penobscot, Roll Dams to ChesuncookICanoe camping on historic logging riverBill Blauvelt899-2157email
Sat-Sun Sept 20-21Roll DamsIIISee June 14, see the fall colorsDoug Field784-4258email
Sat-Sun Sept 27-28Canoe CampingI-IINot too far away; give me a call.Doug Field784-4258email
Sat-Sun Oct 4-5Roll DamsIIISee June 14, see the fall colorsDoug Field784-4258email
Sun, Oct 5Dead River at 6000IVTC neededemail
Fri-Mon Oct. 10-13PPCS Fall SupperMany trips - watch for newsletterAt the Somesville Fire Station on Mt. Desert Island. Chowder making at Kyle's Fri night' potluck supper and speaker Sat night. Hiking, biking, sea kayaking and more on Sat, Sun, and Mon.Watch for newsletter update.Helen Hess288-9510email
Saturday, Oct 11Park Look Road bikeRod and Cathi Reed210-0660email
Sat-Sun Oct 18-19Farmington River, New Boston, MAII-IIICamping in New BostonTom and Patti Rutka284-6777email
Fri, Apr 11-Sun April 13TC's ChoiceIII-IVME, NH, different rivers each day. Stay at reasonably priced accommodations nearby or enroute to river to get most bang for bucks and water levels.Ryan Galway522-0259email